Once again; lost

Once again; lost.

In the deep forest tangled branches tear at my arms and face,

boulders and stones obscure a hidden path.

Once again; lost.

It is a moonless night, stars are scudded with dark clouds.

Once again; lost.

And everywhere that I turn for escape, shadows rear up and fear

clutches my heart.

Once again; lost.

I am an inconsolable child; no luminous thread, no shining pebbles

to guide my way.

Frantically I tear at my self, but there is no way out.

I must wait.

And then, something happens.

The wild winds still.

A space opens up in the clouds.

The moon swims into view, it is full, surrounded by a rainbow nebulae.

Light flickers along distant mountains, suddenly seen between the branches,

dapples the ground, warms the trees feet.

Colour returns.

The forest leans forward, embraces and then releases me.

Now, I am a bird.

I rise.

Soon, I will disappear.

© IDF Andrew


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