Gone Song



We’re all gone,

No trees, no bees,

No breeze,

No roads, no cars,

No bars,

No people,

No church steeple,

No hills,

No dresses, buttons,


No books,

Bad looks,

No sky,

No why, God, why?

No air, no care,

No tomorrow, no sorrow,

Or happiness,

Or stress,

Or bliss,

Or goodbye kiss,

No bed,

No I said or she said.

No bus,

No you,

No us,

No fuss ….



We’re all gone

And only God

To puzzle

What went wrong?’

No need

For pills or wills,

Or haircuts,

Short cuts

Or second thoughts,

No time for pacifists

To say, we told you so,

No go slow,

No after glow,

No need to rhyme,

The end of our time.

No anger,

No sadness,

No madness,

No mirth,

The end

For enemy

And friend,

No ugliness

Or beauty,

No discipline,

No sense of duty,

No need

For art or song

Or dance,

No short

Or long.

No blue,

No staying true,

No red,

No day in bed,

No yellow,

Or old fellow


No greens,

Think of all those varieties

of beans,

No black,

No white,

No grey,

No pink,

No roses,

Consider the great variety

Of roses.

No drink

No – think,

No chocolate,

No sex,

Or tex mex.

No flowers,

or leafy bowers,

Sun on skin,

Double chin.


Slow waiters.

No glasses,

No bus passes,

Lovely arses,

No wine

No beer

Or over there

Or over here.

No moustaches,

Or bikini waxes,

No ear rings,

The end

of all things.

We all forgot

To make hay,

To save for a rainy day,


And to love

our fellow beings.

No time for the can can,

Or a suntan.

No willing,

Or thrilling,

No ‘I do’

Or ‘It’s for you’.

Or me and you.

Bang, we’re all gone ~

Just a sign,

here lies the remains

of that animal,

who thought it was

the most intelligent of all time.

That was the end, my friend,

Suddenly, bang!

The end of man.

What a pity, what a shame,

We lost the game,

God – start again!

(perhaps with woman this time?)

©  IDF Andrew


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