As if I’d never felt ….


it’s as if I’ve never felt the world’s cruelties before.

Between the product ads;

the bleeding paws of caged brown bears,the bony backs of beaten donkeys, the small child hunkered in a corner, eyes dark with fear.

Hungry babies, young children scarred by bombs, desperate young men in Gaza full of a melancholy rage that they weren’t able to protect their families, the cities razed.

I feel blown over by fresh sorrow, by what we do to each other on this turning world.

It feels as if the hardest thing to forgive is cruelty.

And a searing memory returns; how long ago you looked up at me,

the radio was on; and said

‘Mummy, a child was killed!’

The sense of disbelief in your voice moved me to tears.

As it does


© IDF Andrew

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