At the Quaker meeting (5)

This time is different, again.

I have stepped into another place in time’s stream.

To be here for a moment in the flow;

to find a sense of peace within the to and fro.

And it has come, almost immediately.

Something about these people, gathered and still;

let’s God find space, and lets God move within;

opens us all up to letting go

of whatever it is we carry here with in,

burdens of tension, anxiety and worry,

we realize we’re so often in a hurry.

The busy world stops here outside this door

and I have come home to myself, once more.

I find a secret corner within this quiet room,

magnolia walls, and latticed, wooden floors, the central table

with just a small blue and white floral vase

that holds a stem of green chrysanthemums.

My deepest self says ‘You again?’

and smiles.

© IDF Andrew

4 March 2015


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