A Winter Symphony

Ingrid Andrew

Yesterday; morning.

From leaden skies; a flurry of snow flakes that do not settle.

The cold creeps up our sleeves.

By afternoon; a blue and silver sky, with ice white clouds.

That evening, walking home, the snow is sprouting crystalline

from the pavements, thickening on car bonnets and windows.

The little, beloved tree at the rise of our road,

is frosted coral.

This morning back garden fences alight with lichen green;

and February trees conduct sunshine along their still branches.

A blackbird and a jay sit companionably together;

survey the scene.


Beauty of winter steals upon the world; latticed branches on a twilight sky,

a crescent moon is shrouded in tender clouds,

buses, cars and people pass me by.

A crescent moon is shrouded in the sky.

The last fall leaves are trod into the pavement

or decorate the road, the cold creeps gradually

into our bones while we…

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