A Winter Symphony

Yesterday; morning.

From leaden skies; a flurry of snow flakes that do not settle.

The cold creeps up our sleeves.

By afternoon; a blue and silver sky, with ice white clouds.

That evening, walking home, the snow is sprouting crystalline

from the pavements, thickening on car bonnets and windows.

The little, beloved tree at the rise of our road,

is frosted coral.

This morning back garden fences alight with lichen green;

and February trees conduct sunshine along their still branches.

A blackbird and a jay sit companionably together;

survey the scene.


Beauty of winter steals upon the world; latticed branches on a twilight sky,

a crescent moon is shrouded in tender clouds,

buses, cars and people pass me by.

A crescent moon is shrouded in the sky.

The last fall leaves are trod into the pavement

or decorate the road, the cold creeps gradually

into our bones while we are still asleep,

for life to be preserved it needs to freeze;

and I can remember still this afternoon,

the light that gilded all the avenue’s trees.


Suddenly, I remember at the gates of winter,

when the air thickens and the cold begins;

our summer pond, dazzled by marigolds,

alive with frogs, and how in the sun bright gauzy air,

a pair of damson flies, sky blue and vermilion;

darted above the water, and the burgeoning flower beds.


I remember, in the midst of winter.


Mid afternoon;

cold winter light breaks into the garden;

runs like a fuse along the naked trees.

Makes patterns of melt upon pond ice.

Alerts the birds.

The roots and bulbs and seeds are stirring;

and the cold earth.

Through the crumpled, darkening,decaying leaves

a bright shoot shows.

The light will linger just a little longer today;

the blue dusk will hesitate;

I feel the Earth is turning towards the sun;

how the slow rapture of Spring imminent, is coming.

That Spring will come.


Sun glazes the wet pavements;

a radiant white disc above the winter rooves.

Lights up the sodden grass, the arabesque of naked, tangled winter trees.

And here I am again;

carrying my innocence and discernment

and burning my own light into

a new day.


Was not until I stepped into the invisible garden,

that I remembered how good winter is to us.

For preparing the ground, and nurturing the roots.

For tending the invisibly growing seeds and shoots.

And giving us new eyes to see everything



Light changes everything.

The day was dull, I hid inside, until I went out for a ride.

Light changes everything.

Light came through the winter skies. Light lit up every tree,

Light lit up every branch and bole. Light opened up my eyes.

Light changes everything.

Light ran shadows on the ground, Light was light was all around.

Light changes everything.

Light made form and colour and hue, and suddenly the sky was blue.

Light lit up the darkening way,

Light infiltrated day.

Light changes everything.

Light lightened to my very soul. Light made the horizon whole.

Light soothed my trembling, fearful heart.

Light then let me feel a part of light that

changes everything.

I left the comfort of the dark, when I understood my part,

when I stood within the light, and left the struggle and the fight.

Light changes everything.

We left the comfort of the dark, it is the light that makes us sing.

Like birds together at first light.

Light changes every thing.

©  IDF Andrew

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