Brrrrrrr …

Frost crackles the grass, sheen on the car rooves.

Walking out, shoulder’s tensed against the cold’s sudden onslaught; how I cling to our warm bed,

I leave you sleeping; blankets ruffled round dreaming head.


So many people up and about; first Monday work day, college or shopping, taking the dog out.

Passing the park horizons of wintery trees, cold winter skies, vivid green grasses, rest on my eyes.

Bus people silent or study their phones, each one I look at could well be I.

Or a little more carefree, seeing the day unfold, in Monday’s glimmering greyness alert for fine threads

of gold.

Well into January, Spring nascent in the trees, birds shuffling on the branches, hibernating bees.

None of us in this life alone, though that’s how it feels; much as from Monday reality, we’d like to retreat.

Common humanity unites us all, when we really recognize, that I could be you, you could be me.

Fear, insecurity, clinging to comfort, shrinking from misery, touches us all; as I am walking, braced to the chill wind; I hear your footfall.

Feel your heart beating, wintery breath, sense we are so alike, resisting discomfort, that life may be shortening; sure certainty of death.

All of us, fellow travelers on the steep way, struggling to wake up; stand in our own light, on clouded, or stormy or bright winter’s day.

Sunlight now spilling, gilding the trees, and life asks us tenderly to surrender, to yield, put down our baggage, loosen our armouring, walk to the dappled field.

Where light and shadows meet and dance round our playful feet.

Here, we can reach for the warmth of each other’s hands, feel mutual humanity, life’s vulnerability, steadfast we stand.

And maybe a song will rise from depths of our living souls, rise to the skies.

We are part of the mainland, part of the whole and love abides.



© IDF Andrew  19.1.2015

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