A winter’s small song

Light streams through the hedgerows, field shadows grow long,

and winter is singing a wintery song.

The woods are all bare now, tangled and brown, glittering with sunlight,

worn like a crown.

At the horizon, the sky is a pale yellow blue,

and up at its zenith, the sun blazes through.

Long cirrus clouds lie above sleeping fields,

the time now is come to surrender and yield.

A sadness rests in me, right to my soul; I allow it to deepen,

and I am made whole.

The country sides stilled now, the fields golden green,

another year’s ending in life’s living dream.

A dark bird pushes higher, in heavenly sky, soaring and calling

deep in the high.

When sadness and heartache clear and dissolve,

we are still here today with all those we love.

Held in the hearts space, in pure winter light, like the tree branches,

that burn ember bright.

And this our day’s journey from day time to night;

and this our life’s journey through darkness to light.

The year now is ending, and evening bears down,

I am tender and still now; I wear winters crown.


c) IDF Andrew





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