At the Quaker meeting (5)

I have returned to sanctuary, a quiet place.

 Where people drift into this old room defined by warm cream walls and wooden floors; a circle of plain old chairs; on the central table a bouquet of September leaves.

 Here we are now. Where quietness hums.

 And slowly takes hold of the receptive heart.

 Where differences are lost; forgotten, put aside.

And gradually at the windows, the evening comes.

 Our thoughts dissolve, the tensions in our shoulders and back

are bought to awareness, then relaxed.

 Here where it matters not what age or sex or race you are;

or what you have achieved.

 In this slow hour all we see is mutual humanity.

 All that we carry fades away; the ‘to do’ list is put aside.

 We are simply grateful to be here together,alive, today.




IDF Andrew






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