Bleak Angel

All ways are closed; now the dark angel
holds me to his heart;

and folds me
in his glimmering wings.

I am immersed in the destructive element;
in what you might call ‘sin’.

The little sac of sorrow and dark I bought with in me
to the world;

and what I was given
all unaware by those who loved me;

their own unfelt grief and lack.

I struggle,

am restless;

fight to breath; want to escape into business;

but can’t.

Bleak angel holds me back.

‘Be still, my child; be still and wait’

Here you are held
between the gates of life and death.

Here is a great and silent
chasm that you could
slip into so easily.

But wait;be still,hold true; you will come through

the bleakest time, through anguish

and through judgement;

through your woundedness.

Be still, be true,and trust

for all along


am here

with you.

”And underneath are the everlasting arms”

IDF Andrew<>HeartsSong
‘Until the day dawns
and the shadows flee away”

Tara Brach ”What can I trust in all circumstances?’

”When we are lost in thought we are in a virtual reality”

(”Praise Allah and tie your camel to the post”)

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