How to destroy a people


How to destroy a people


First of all,

teach your own children,

with their mothers milk,

with the songs that you sing

to them at night;

that they are entitled;

that the land has always

been theirs.


Over and over again;

until the other people who

share this land

are made almost invisible:

so that they become mere shadows

to be brushed out of the way

of your sun.


Don’t show your children the maps

that  indicate that other land,

subsumed, gradually vanishing

from year to year.


Justify what you do,

with the profound suffering

your people endured,

allow that to blind and deafen you to

the suffering of others,

erect a wall that squats on their land,

that hides them from you.


Break up their days

with constant stop checks,

long corridors of iron fences,

like cattle grids.

Plant look out towers

in market places,

man them with snipers

who view everyone below

as other;

even small children, old women, mothers.


Trap them in a small corridor of land,

deny them access to their water sources,

tell your selves that you’re entitled

to all of their resources.  


Destroy the olive groves,

deny them

the choice of their own leaders;

build up an army that leeches

upon the hearts of all your men;

create over and over again

an enemy to throw your fears upon.  


Then, when your enemies young men,

break out of the anguish that defines their days,

unleash your armies, send your obliterating bombs,

into the schools, the hospitals, the playgrounds.


And lastly, allow yourselves  to weep

and send up prayers

for the maimed and murdered children

that lie beside their lifeless mothers,

traumatized and dazed.


Israel; would you rather bring down the world,

than face up to the reality

of what you are doing to your own humanity?



Ingrid Andrew  (HeartsSong)



A brave Israeli speaks out …..

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