The Meeting

every morning I make
an appointment with my self;
however much I want to stay asleep,
or escape into

Just for a while I invite my self
to sit down in the quiet room,
to meet, to greet what ever I am struggling with;
what ever I am pushing away.

To see if I can release my past;
before I move into the day.

To feel, how I resist,
right to the bone,
what I find difficult.

And how I hold my breath
and tense, and confine my self
within my mind to avoid the truth
I hold with in my self,
this some time anguish.

Each morning I come here;
fold my legs
and let my spine expand,
my head be naturally erect;
to be with my small, clamouring self,
to hold her gently,
to be kind.

Seek stillness in this hectic mind.

And what I find … is fear,
this anxious sense that I am not enough.

And what I find is judgement of my self

and others.

And what I find
is longing; to belong, to be right
at the heart of life;
to be alive, within this moment;
and to thrive.

And I consent, over and over again,
to be with what ever is, within this moment.

And here I am,
seated again with my resistance,
with anger, fear and longing;
to undo the armouring I hold, to release
my deep conditioning,
to become aware.

Where memories arise, arise
and sting my eyes.

I sit here, to surrender;
to see if to my little self,
I can be tender.

And most of all I sit here
silently, with in my self,
with this resolve ..
to see If gradually I can dissolve this armouring;
these inner walls that interrupt my flow;
that hold me back from loving,
and feeling

I am beloved on this Earth.




Ingrid Andrew<>HeartsSong

(And we are put on Earth a little while to see if we can bear the Beams of Love ….. William Blake)

(for CG)

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