Spring; from a London bus



Under a spreading, gnarled old plane tree,

and from the bus; I glimpse the tenderest sight;

as if in a magic, fairy circle,

blue bells, white bells and lilac bells

that shimmer in the damp Spring air,

and make my heart delight.


And fill my mind with lambent light.




The bus is stranded here, on the road

between three churches,

‘God’s corner’ I have heard it said;

I hear the engines low, deep rumble,

the traffic lights are stuck on red.


I see the silent, stuccoed church,

the sky above a milky, almost green.

No one complains or even murmurs;

into this moment we all lean.


Meantime, a chestnut tree that’s in full flower,

sings out the precious transcience of the hour.


We all relax into this moment;

no one berates the driver, or complains,

we know so much is quite beyond our power

to effect;

oh Bless us all;

and Bless

the gently falling, day long





©   Ingrid Andrew<>HeartsSong

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