Whilst I was sleeping …

Whilst I was sleeping

Spring took hold;

unfurled a rug of daisies,

and placed

a crown of blossom

on the world.

And through the trees she spun

a gauze of green,

and scattered petals,

whilst I slept; unseeing,

she sighed and sighed

and sighed

her self to being.

And made each tree

a shimmering, leafy dress,

whilst I was sleeping;

at her own behest.

And fashioned each delicate

blue and white and yellow flower,

and breathed into the skies

to make this very hour.

Whilst I was sleeping,

and bent

my head in sorrow;

Spring opened her enchanting wings,

with no thought

for tomorrow;

on such an evening,

just like this;

she whispers





c)  Ingrid Andrew<>HeartsSong

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