How to handle a bully!



What does a bully do?

A bully tries to puncture you!


As if they cannot bear the feeling,

of seeing your innate, well being.


A bully wants to make you crumble,

And turn your mind into a jumble!


To undermine your mental health;

but you can do that for your self!


A bully likes it when you’re teary,

when constant carping makes you weary.


They get a thrilling sense of power,

from tearing petals from a flower!


A bully wards off their own pain,

by turning upon you again.


Because, inside, they feel quite small,

they will not like you looking tall!


And if, like me, you are quite short,

diminishing you further is their sport.


A bully disowns fellow feeling,

for real affection sends them reeling!


They’d rather shout upon the ceiling.


They can’t bear to feel insecure,

will use your hair to mop the floor!


The best way to unprise their jaws,

is to hold your ground; inwardly roar!


With a gracious smile upon your face,

invite them to the table place!


And this may sound a little woolly….


Embrace your wounded, inner bully!




©  Ingrid Andrew<>HeartsSong


10th April 2014


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