At the Quaker meeting (3)

Here ‘I’ am again,  same ‘I’. same place,

and yet, today, I am some one else.

Stitched into being by this unfamiliar peace;

the quiet ticking of my heart,

this sublime sense of calm.

Of being all in all; enough.

Silent, with all these other selves, unknown to me,

who carry their own histories, and baggage;

who may be at peace with in them selves today,

or fractured, or rent.

And still; still,

still in this stillness;

each of us holds our peace.

As if to say this calmness belongs to all of us;

and nobody.

And simply needs to be felt, held and released.

We have come together here

in this webbed connection of quietness,

to sit here silently and to do nothing

but breathe.

And only to stand and speak, if we are truly moved to.

Where all these disparate selves,

and all my disparate selves dissolve.

And all the while, the silence blooms between us,

from within.

God’s breath breathes me,

and breathes us all.

 ©     Ingrid Andrew <> HeartsSong

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